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Everything You Need to Know About Grimes and Her A.I. Vocals

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Is Musician Grimes Really Letting Indie Creators Use Her Voice in Their Music?

In her recent tweet, Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and D.J. Grimes announced that her team was creating a voice simulation program.

Grimes is a longtime opponent of siloed, corporatized creative practices. Just last week on April 28th at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza, Grimes took the stage to explain her stance on Copyrighting. The independent creator explained:

“I feel strongly that there’s way too much gatekeeping in music. Copyright sucks. Art is a conversation with everyone that’s come before us. Intertwining it with the ego is a modern concept. The music industry has been defined by lawyers, and that strangles creativity.”

Grimes in https://mixmag.net/read/grimes-ims-keynote-ai-artificial-intelligence-international-music-summit-news

She further expressed her view that a “gatekeeping stranglehold” has tightened its grip — even on creative-focused platforms like Tik Tok.

Singer Grimes, the indie musician who offered her AI vocal samples to creatives and musicians, is an important inspiration behind 3BX, Books Beats Box

“…everything about copywriting is problematic,” Grimes said. She elaborates on how a method of creativity suffocation ensues, originating “from the top.”

“There’s too much top down control. In the early days of TikTok there was a lot of weird music going viral, but now the gatekeeping stranglehold means less interesting stuff coming out.”


At the IMS, Grimes reflects on this notion further: “I always say to my manager; ‘I want to make hieroglyphics… I don’t care if people remember my name, but I want to be able to meaningfully contribute to this culture at a time of great change. […]

A deer skull sitting on rocks represents Grimes AI indie music inspired by her vocals and supported by 3BX, Books Beats Box, Indie Creative Platform

Grimes’ view on independence for creators seems to shine through as she spearheads a unique mission to, in a sense, donate her own voice to other independent creators. On Twitter, the innovative creator stated that she would be willing to “split 50% royalties on any successful A.I. generated song that uses my voice [from the stems and samples provided].”

Why is Grimes Offering Her A.I.-Generated Voice Up to Other Independent Creators?

“I think it’s cool to be fused [with] a machine and I like the idea of open sourcing all art and killing copyright,” says Grimes on Twitter. Her tweet seemingly lead to a barage of questions while at this year’s IMS. Grimes took charge by describing her stance on the use of A.I. to generate vocals from other artists, namely those who are deceased, like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana or Prince (who she specifically mentioned during her keynote):

“If I were dead I’d really like people to [use my A.I.-generated voice for their art]. But I’m not sure everyone would agree. I feel like maybe Prince would’ve been up for it. If it was one of his friends doing it maybe. It’s a tricky one.”


How Do I Start Creating Music with Grimes’ A.I. Generated Vocals?

In the 3BX Staff Community, many of us are eager to get to work with Grimes and her A.I.-generated vocals. We’re not surprised that you are as well.

How to Get Grimes A.I. Vocals

Currently, we are still patiently awaiting open access to Grimes’ vocals on the internet while she and her team develop a solid platform to provide them to us.

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Using Grimes A.I. Vocals to Create Music Legally

As Grimes announced her idea on Twitter, the indie techno pop musician provided live updates as she spoke with her team.

Is it Illegal to Make Music with Grimes A.I.?

No it’s not illegal to make music using singer Grimes’ A.I. vocal samples. To provide the legal details behind her idea to collaborate with other creators through A.I., Grimes stated that after talking with the team, she’d like any independent creator who uses her vocals to register their music here.

Grimes Supports Indie Creators with Her Open-Source A.I.-Generated Vocals

At 3BX, we stand for Independence for Independents. Grimes has been a vocal leader in democratizing, liberating and individualizing art for idependent and free-thinking creators. The doting mother of a young daughter named Y continually uses her platform and her success to ensure that other creators have access to support for their free-thinking creative angles, respectively.

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