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Our Very Own L.A. Michaels Talks “Indiependence” at the 3BX Social Marketplace

My first novel “Between Heaven and Hell” was published close to five years ago. This December of 2023 will be the “official” anniversary.

When I first declared that I was going to release a novel I had these reactions: It was “self-published,” “Nobody wanted to buy it?” “Oh, you did it like that… I might try to write something really quickly one day for fun…” “This is kind of like your hobby.” 

Accepting Realities as an Indie Author

Did I have an inkling of an idea of what I was actually doing? Absolutely not. I hired the wrong type of editor, I didn’t listen to good advice took the wrong advice, but it still sold dozens of copies (at least at first…). Being Indie is hard, I’m not going to lie, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. That feeling of struggle means growth is happening and allows you to accept certain realities…

  • You need an editor, proofreader(s), and possibly beta readers.
  • You need someone who is capable of creating high quality cover art. 
  • You need to have a social media following… Guess what this one a lot more important than you are ever going to want to accept. It’s honestly going to be half your day. It will honestly be the one thing that eats up most of your time… Every. Day.
3BX social marketplace success

There are so many other aspects but these three things are what I learned pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been one place to get everything you need accomplished in the indie world. At least not until now… 

3BX Social Marketplace “Does it All”

3BX – Books Beats Box is your one-stop-shop for Independent Artists to gain Independence. Grow a following on our artist-centric social marketplace platform. This would allow you to more easily get into contact with editors, graphic artists, and even other authors. Collaborate. Writing is very much a personal thing, but it can easily turn collaborative as you grow, and this is what you want. It’s 2023… Why go to this site to find a gig worker… Then another site to find an editor… And ten other sites to promote yourself… When it can all just be in one place?

3BX offers high-definition digital streaming, a way to help artists to sell their pieces and a way to help musicians and singers share and profit off of their music as well. As authors we can enhance our brand by working with musicians and singers to help drive towards the ultimate goal of making a profit. Which again you might say… Well, I can just post it on “fill in the blank site” and as an indie author… I’m telling you that you should still do that. However, I can also promise you that give it six months and 3BX will be the place you go first to distribute your music. It will be the place you go to post your book in eBook format. It can be the place that your band livestreams for profit on. 

I write my own legacy on 3bx

We’re Waiting for You!

The question that you might find yourself asking… Why not just use the river site for everything? Again, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t. You should. However, I can tell you that getting noticed on that platform is not going to be easy. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take effort. As an indie creator I’m sure you are ready to put forth. Let 3BX be where you gain that fan base. Let 3BX help you grow and help you reach your full potential. Eventually you are going to end up on the site so why not sign up today? We are waiting for you. 

About the Author

Anthony Lobaito A.K.A. L.A. Michaels is the current Director of Public Relations in the 3BX Marketing department. Michigan born and raised with two year stint between Wichita, Kansas and Rock Hill, South Carolina, Lobaito is the published author of seven novels and counting. Outside of his professional life, Lobaito is an avid pop culture junkie, comic book fan, music lover and cinephile.

Anthony Lobaito a.k.a L.A. Michaels 3BX

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